Sharing your Why

Sharing your Why is the Connection

Do you have a Facebook Group? πŸ™†πŸΌβ€β™‚️or can even be Your FB Page…

Do you find it hard to maintain the engagement/energy within the community?

Are you the one constantly creating, sharing, commenting, trying to breathe life into your space?


Today I was sitting with these feelings around growing and engaging online….

In this Facebook/Social Circus environment, many of us have forgotten the art of conversation. Many have lost the ability to see others, and really this is all We want…

To Be Seen πŸ‘€and Be Heard πŸ‘‚πŸ»…

Well I still feel that Facebook Groups and Community hold potential to BE Online and create Connection. To share within an authentic genuine, caring, fun space, and certainly to build an authentic, abundant business.

I believe the πŸ”‘ to Creating Engaging Energy within our Facebook Community lies in the WHY…

Sharing your WHY. Asking your Community WHY?

For example:

βœ… Share your Story around WHY you Created the Space/Community

✨When we share our story, we engage our feelings and open our heart space to allow others to see and experience us more fully…This carries our vibration βœ¨

Or βœ…Ask your Community WHY they chose to Join

Within this answer may lie the Essence of your Community.

Firstly it takes courage to listen. Because their answer may not BE your answer… however when we ask the question, WHY we receive feedback. This feedback is their truth and it is certainly worth exploring as it just may….

πŸ”‘ Open New Doors 

When our audience FEEL SEEN and HEARD. This may just BE their invitation to ENGAGE more FULLY with our COMMUNITY…

Their insights may also Open more space to BE able to Play and Connect with Others

It’s when we are not giving our Communities what they are seeking. Then they dis-engage with our group, they are not feeling seen or heard.

Check in every once in a while with your community or even your Page and ask a few questions.

I like to start with WHY πŸ€—

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