Vibrational Marketing Workshop

What if we took the principles of Spirituality, Authenticity and Integrity so as to create Connection and support our marketing online

Because it’s not what we are Doing that has the greatest impact to our goal. It’s Who We are Being that becomes the difference  to share our message and impact our audience. 

Vibrational Marketing is changing the Heart of Marketing. 

So let's have a conversation...

What if there was a way where we could deeply connect to our biggest audience using the same Vibrational principles with which we impact people’s lives when we coach them?

Why should marketing be any different?

This one question changed everything

Vibrational Marketing is the answer that came to me and its been my experience over the last 3 years to helping people like you to get their message to the people who have your name written on their hearts in the form most likely to create strong vibrational alignment, strong transformational change and a stronger business for you.

Here is what I know

  • Who You Are Being carries more energy, transformation and significantly greater impact than What You Are Doing…
  • Experiencing the courage to show up and share from the space of Authenticity, and Truth, You create connection with your tribe and yourselves.
  • You can create the impact to share with your tribe without sacrificing your values and integrity.

I wonder…

Are you delivering on your vision?

Are you reaching your audience?

Are you showing up as you?

If not then it’s time we connected

And yes it’s about getting out of our way…


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This 10 Week Workshop is perfect if you

  • Create and Make Decisions Intuitively.

  • Believe in creating from a space of Truth and Authenticity

  • Desire to create connection and serve an audience who resonate with you

  • Wish to experience feedback and strategies that resonates with who you are

  • Love to experience greater freedom and let go of what next to share online

  • Recognise the immense value and exponential potency in Group energy as we support and share each other

    In addition you may

  • Not resonate and align with the current marketing practices dominating our online space

  • Experience frustration, take little or no action with so much activity, and noise, online

  • Ask yourself… Why would anyone choose me?

  • Feel uncomfortable in showing up and sharing who you are online

The Transformational Results you will experience in BEING part of this program include

  • You will discover a way to share your service and offerings that feel good and resonate with your clients
  • Greater confidence and joy in recognising the true value in creating and connection online.
  • Greater alignment and expansion with your intuitive self in sharing your business expression. 
  • You will understand what to do, why you are doing it and realise each action becomes one of joy in delivering your own unique genius
  • Expansion in every sense from around Your Ideal Client Building your audience
  • In-Joy Marketing as it no longer becomes something you have to do
  • Many digital tools and techniques that by the end of our workshop,  or in the near future will expand your business and client base
  • Growth, Support and Connection with a highly engaged peer group


8 Weekly Group Calls

  • 75 mins Duration

    Vibrational Marketing works around the energy of feeling and sharing our experience. Working with a highly engaged and focused group will exponentially support your energy and expansion

  • Prior to each session I will create a video highlighting insights and experiences, practicalities and tips to support your experiences with Vibrational Marketing.

  • Every engaging group session, we will celebrate our success and learnings from weekly challenges which will make practical and ground your experience

  • Each session will be preceded with Weekly content to support you to implementing the foundations of  Vibrational Marketing.
  • Each session will introduce new opportunities to create, implement technique, answer questions and reflect on your personal energetic experience.

1 hour group calls on Wednesday 11am or 2pm AEST on preference


  • Our First Week will be a recorded one to one live call, allowing us to connect . My intention is to align with who you are, and discover the most effective ways to personalise and support you through our journey in Vibrational Marketing.
  • Our Last Week together will also be a one to one live call, to identify those areas of resonance and growth and share my support toward the practical implications to reaching your goals


To remain in connection over the 10 weeks, we have a private Facebook Group to support our experience.  

This closed group will be the platform for you to experiment, create and share your awareness and new understandings.

Our support network is the perfect space for you to be testing new ideas gained from our time together and seek feedback if you wish before going live.

Here is what one client has shared...

“Seriously amazing to have created a crack. Your intensity SO serves everyone so powerfully. And I love that you being this is modelling for others to be themselves, unapologetically.

The great thing about you is that you have ‘on-line marketing’ is the sign post on your door, and just like I have ‘business coaching’ on mine, it gives people permission to enter AND the fact that you have had a successful on-line business is also supportive of those people who need the tangibles up front…..but you and I both know who you really are and what will happen…

You help create space to land the info on earth with clarity and joy and then you have the techie goods that a coach normally does not have, nor does not want to have.”

Each week will expand you & Your BUsiness

What is Vibrational Marketing?

 We share and unpack the differences between Vibrational & Traditional Marketing methods. Who we are BEING carries greater significance, opportunity, freedom and impact than what we are Doing.

You are the Funnel, Uncover your Why and Message to Share Online

Recognising our life experience to make up our purpose, so as we can be in service to our audience

Supportive Engagement

Facebook is still the #1 tool to create impact & build your Business. Utilise Facebook tools to build your connection and grow your audience. 

Your Ideal Clients. No Avatar Guarantee!!

Recognising who we are here to support and share our message, becomes easy, when we identify with our clients. Guarantee no Marketing Avatars!! Instead a far easier way to connect with your Audience

Building & Creating Trusting

When we share authentically and open ourselves to trust, and express vulnerability online. Magic happens.
You cannot have perfection and connection just do not exist

Getting out of our Way

Overcoming our human desire to control every aspect, in the online experience opens our experience to frustration, procrastination and anxiety. 

Your Vibrational Frequency Online

We move into the digital marketing mechanics around Vibrational Frequency. We will review the value of consistent action. How often do we create and share online. 

Your Offline Expansion

Identify ways which will strengthen you to Create, Connect and Flow away from the  Online Space

$1800 FOR 10 WEEKS


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