You work with your intuition to get the best outcomes for your clients. Well you know how this works then.
When sitting with presence and connection I listen into what you are expressing and perhaps not sharing so I
can hold the space and support you to move forward.

Here is what one client has shared...

“Seriously amazing to have created a crack. Your intensity SO serves everyone so powerfully. And I love that you being this is modelling for others to be themselves, unapologetically.

The great thing about you is that you have ‘on-line marketing’ is the sign post on your door, and just like I have ‘business coaching’ on mine, it gives people permission to enter AND the fact that you have had a successful on-line business is also supportive of those people who need the tangibles up front…..but you and I both know who you really are and what will happen…

You help create space to land the info on earth with clarity and joy and then you have the techie goods that a coach normally does not have, nor does not want to have.”

So let's have a conversation...

Are you looking to launch a business or are currently sitting with any these feelings resonate?

  • You are confused about the best way to get started.
  • You are multi-talented and don’t know how to integrate what you love to do in a holistic way.
  • You want to set a solid foundation before making the leap to quit your job.
  • You don’t know much about marketing or managing a business.
  • Most of the business info out there doesn’t suit your vision or values and perhaps makes you feel squirmish
  • Your beliefs about money and abundance are holding you back.
  • You are overwhelmed and confused about how or when to get started.

Perhaps you are already in business maybe, is this you?

  • You don’t understand why people aren’t knocking on your door to experience the great services or treatments you offer.
  • You spend a lot of time on the computer listening to business ‘gurus’ or searching for ways to make your business profitable but end up frustrated and exhausted.
  • You are overwhelmed with all the aspects of business and confused about the next step or the next level in your business.
  • Perhaps you struggle with doubt and frustration because you dislike the sales and asking for money.
    You’ve been in business for a while but you’ve reached a plateau.
  • Or maybe your business is quite successful but the old business model you follow is burning you out and you want to create a more leveraged experience with passive income

As a spiritual visionary, you need business tools and strategies that fit both your needs and personality, to leverage your expertise and help you stand out while remaining authentic and easy to connect with. Let me to support and steer you in the right direction, to avoid getting stuck in the old business model that’s crumbling.
Plus, your business mirrors hidden beliefs about abundance and self-worth. You may not be aware of this, but your potential clients and customers can perceive it, because you reflect it in the way you present yourself and your business.

 This is Vibrational Marketing in Action

If you find yourself…

  • Overworked and overwhelmed
  • Over delivering and undervalued
  • Questioning your worth and your vision
  • Feeling like there’s something missing in what you do
  • Remaining small, frustrated and invisible
It means that you hold unconscious contradictions regarding your self-worth, the value of your work, deserving abundance, and fear of being judged. In other words, you are NOT giving yourself permission to do what YOU love and receive what YOU truly deserve!


  • Integrate your dreams, passions and experience to become the expert in YOUR own field.
  • Create an empowering business that sets YOU apart from similar ones.
  • Overcome self-defeating beliefs that hold you back.
  • Working with you to discover the right strategies
  • Remove any blocks around money and sales.
  • Price and package your services based on value, not time
  • Recognise and take ownership of your true value and your gifts
I have the intuitive ability to connect with you on a soul level and provide the energy and space to support you back If you are a conscious, creative or spiritual entrepreneur, being in business is about having a purpose, expressing yourself, and making a valuable contribution that has your unique stamp on it.

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With Intuitive Coaching, you will

Design your business around Your Unique Story

This is the core of your business that carries your soul signature. It holds your big WHY—what makes YOU unique and an expert in YOUR own field. This is where you draw clarity, direction, motivation and your marketing from.

Understand who your ideal clients are

To convert prospects into customers you need to be clear about who your clients are, what they are looking for, and why they would benefit from working with you

Clarify your message for greater attraction and impact

Your message is the bridge between your business and your clients. It needs to stand out, reflect how unique you offering is, and connect you to the type of clients that are looking for YOU or would benefit from your services.

Find the best marketing for your service or product

Not all marketing tools work for all entrepreneurs or all types of business. Let’s find what best resonates with your talents and offerings, so you can focus your efforts on what gets you results.

Lets deep dive to further

  • Understand what YOUR business is really about. It is not about the process of what you do, and it is not about your certifications or qualifications. It’s about Connection and what YOU offer as a unique soul.
  • See the value of what you offer. In understanding your services, your clients, to create a business that is both empowering and successful.
  • Move from overwhelm to action. It is important now to take the rights steps and I can support you from an online platform to achieve more
  • Stop treating your business like a hobby. Learn to see the fine line between caution and resistance, and focus on activities that ground your offerings and generate revenue.
  • Position yourself as the expert YOU already are. Avoid placing yourself behind your credentials. Instead recognise your life story and experience is and message are enough.

Schedule a
Discovery Session Now

Let’s talk about your life path, goals, and aspirations to find the best way to work together.
Click on the button to book a complimentary Discovery Session (via phone or Skype) at your earliest convenience!