Vibrational Marketing

What is Vibrational Marketing?

Everything carries energy, and with it a Vibration. We are energetic beings and we all carry a message and a purpose in creating a life experience.

Vibrational Marketing is around your authentic self, showing up and sharing your offering with your audience. Engage, Care, Build relationships and Connect in with your Potential clients

Are you weary or feel uneasy when seeing the same marketing paradigms around ebooks, downloads, buy now, limited time offers. We recognise these are here to foster fear, scarcity and not enough, promoting struggle and limitation.
Especially as it is incongruent with our awareness and values. This is no longer necessary.

Vibrational Marketing may just be the single most important key to openings new doors, increasing your resonance and attracting and creating new opportunities.

Recognising Vibrational Marketing as the energetic shift and transmission to Connection with your Clients and Community online.
Yes Vibrational Marketing goes against the grain of what is appearing online for the majority of business, simply because everyone is trying to follow and fit in…. Instead of being true to self, sharing your own message and standing out. That is where the truth and Vibration resonates

When you believe that every being is energy and carries a vibration. The Vibrational Frequency that you resonate will naturally attract a similar frequency. Like attracts Like

Like attracts Like

Understanding the concepts of Vibrational Marketing can support you with a working guide for marketing yourself and your business in resonance with the universe. In learning to trust and work with these concepts you will receive a remembering in the importance to market You and Your services.

Acknowledge the abundance you already have

  • All to often we focus on the next thing or what we do not have Instead if we Focus on what we have created
  • Gratitude of Appreciation- creation- abundance
  • Gets you in a focus of better vibration

What’s your flavour

  • No one does it like you
  • So just do what brings you joy
  • Share in your greatest expression
  • People do it because it works- but no one does it like you
  • OWN IT and the more you own it the stronger you become

Be and Showcase what you Love

The most important frequency is love Your actions support and send out the frequency Example music artists in their Bliss and the strong resonates nIf you don’t love it then find someone who does love what they do…

Connection is built when you open your heart and share your vulnerabilities

  • One true way to connect
  • Be Open and Vulnerable
  • Gives permission for others to open their heart
  • Share your humanness with others
  • Demonstrates your flavour and your story
  • Demonstrates your ability and results
  • Sets you apart from the professionals- perfection of life

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What is your Vibrational Frequency

Discover your current Vibrational Frequency around the following areas

Check in with the following statements, as they make up a checklist to determine your Vibrational Frequency.

If you would like to receive the full Vibrational Marketing checklist send me a message

Your Message

Is your message clear? What is your Why and Why is it important for you to be sharing your truth

Your Offer

Is it Valuable? Does it Solve a Problem, alleviate struggle or move the audience to a better state? Is your offer emotionally driven?

Your Intention

What are you Creating? What are you owning in terms of your gifts?

Your Audience

Who are they? Where are they playing?/ What are they seeking/What are their pains/ Are you calling them in

Your Aligned Actions

How are you engaging with your audience?/ Are you growing your audience through active advertising/ Do you recognise the power of the energetic exchange and request for testimonials and feedback?

Your Frequency

Where are you showing up online? Are you building trust in demonstrating that you are reliable? Are you posting updates from a place of “have to” as opposed to “love to”

Vibrational Marketing Platform (Launching april 2019)

Our very own Vibrational Marketing platform is under construction. This platform will be one way to showcase who you are and the message and offering you have to share. You will have the opportunity to create your own page on the platform and host your own course, offering or simply share your message with other Solopreneurs, Coaches and Light Workers

If you are interested in sharing your beingness on the Vibrational Marketing Platform as well as the opportunity to connect with potential clients and earn a passive income, please get in touch with me