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Asking for Support

Last week I spent 7 days on retreat in Mission Beach with Michelle Richmond I always take a photo before I go into retreat, based on my previous experience there are many changes and shifts that take place when you give yourself the space, time and freedom to experience and BE the more of you.
The shifts whilst happening internally…can also result in the external upgrade as well 😁- See the Joy 🥳

This inner work can be intense at times, if you choose to let go and explore those areas in life that have kept you still…safe and ultimately stuck…But that is where the growth and excitement happens✨

And that is why I choose to have the support crew of some amazing beings to share in the experience. Friends who jump in wholeHEARTedly to support me and each other in our own journey ahead.

I use to believe that asking for support, was a sign of weakness, an inability to be able to deal with shit, that I was not strong 💪… Very Masculine of Me 😜

However these days asking for support has a very different meaning.

✅Asking for Support is a Sign of Strength
✅Asking for Support is Recognition that I am of Value that I am worthy of Receiving (such a biggie)
✅Asking for Support is Knowing that It can be more fun to play, laugh and learn with others and when we work together there is a greater energy and fulfilment and ease
✅ Asking for Support allows me to see the Value in what Others have to share and Acknowledge their Greatness as well

Where do you sit… when it comes to asking for support?

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