How to raise your Vibration

19 Ways to Raise your Vibration

Raising your vibration is something that a lot of people throw around without understanding what it really means. It’s not something supernatural or a woo woo nonsense, it’s an actual psychological science.

High vibration is associated with being woke and extremely spiritual, being always happy, not having negative thoughts and being positive all the time.

But some of those things are just byproducts of holding a high vibration, they are not necessary ingredients for having high vibration.

Higher vibration is achieved when you free your psyche from any burden that’s weighing it down. This, in turn, makes you feel more relaxed, produces positive emotions and accumulates more energy for you to use.

The extra energy comes from the lack of worry, better health and bigger presence.

All of this combined makes you shine, but manufacturing superficial positivity for the sake of having high vibration does not necessarily give you high vibration.

There are, however, a couple of things you can implement in your everyday life that will certainly raise your vibration of being.

19 Ways You Can Raise Your Vibration:
1. Do a random act of kindness.
Walking an old lady across the street; giving a compliment to a stranger; letting someone behind you to go in front of you in a waiting line; tipping double from your intention; helping a tourist with directions; smiling to someone with kindness for no reason; no matter how small your act of kindness is it will fill you up with positivity. You will know that you changed at least one person’s day to be better and this raises your vibration.

2. List 3 things that you are grateful about and forgive someone.
When you shift your focus towards the things you are grateful for your vibration immediately raises as you enter a state of abundance. When you forgive at least one person who you hold grudge against, or have wronged you in some way, you are getting rid of the toxic burden that’s holding your vibration down. Even more, you are forgiving the part of yourself that you are associating with them enabling yourself to be whole.

3. Do one thing that brings you joy.
When you actively choose to do something that actually produces joy inside of you, you are reassuring yourself that you are enough to make your world happy.

4. Go out and bath with the sunshine rays.
Sunshine is food for your psychophysical state. It gives you energy and warmth and stimulates your body in production of vitamins. It stimulates a positive mood and happier emotional state. A lot more factors are in play and all of that together lifts your vibration of being.

5. Walk among nature.
When we surround ourselves with natural elements we create a deeper connection with our own nature. We subconsciously remind ourselves that we are connected by a much larger system, and that we are all a part of a larger organism we call Nature. This inner sense of belonging lifts our vibrations.

6. Surround yourself with people you love and hug them more often.
When you hug someone your body produces chemicals that make you feel happier. When you surround yourself with people who love you a loving atmosphere is created where you feel safe and free to be who you really are. Combining these 2 is a powerful mix of love and happiness that lifts your vibration high.

7. Follow your passion.
Doing something that you are passionate about, reading about it, learning and creating, you do not lose energy but in fact gain energy. This extra energy makes you excited and obsessed with what you do and you might get completely into a flow state. Just by following your passion you can increase your vibration significantly.

8. Dance to your favourite music.
Being silly and removing the burden of your psyche to protect a certain image you are free to awaken the kid in you. When you dance to your favourite music you are embodying the part of yourself that loves those positive musical vibes and you let it shine. Just try it, dance for 15 minutes like you do not care to your favourite tunes and you’ll see how much better and lighter you’ll feel.

9. Exercise, practice Yoga, or go for a run, and if you can, do all of these things.
Exercising releases hormones that make you feel more relaxed, yoga helps you establish a better connection between your mind and body, and running puts you in a small flow state where your creativity and problem solving skills are increased. Anything out of these 3 things is a powerful vibration raiser, but if you can do all 3 their effects multiply.

10. Eat raw and whole foods grown locally and organically, eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits and nuts.
Even if you don’t like vegans and how they brag about their diet, eating more like a vegan is something that will drastically reduce your aggression and increase you feel good vibes. You can not go wrong if you eat more greens that are grown locally and organically. And if you buy locally, you are giving small loving businesses an opportunity to thrive, instead of big soulless corporations that actually ruin the world. This will make you healthier, happier, and it will give you a sense of purpose.

11. Give.
There is a saying that the person who gives actually gets a lot more than the other person. What this means is that when you give something, you are putting yourself in a state of abundance and out of victimhood. When you are in a state of abundance you are automatically raising your vibrations. You can give things you no longer use to people who need them, you can give DIY gifts to people you love, you can even give positive emotions. The important thing here is to give.

12. Smile looking yourself in the mirror.
When you smile and look yourself smiling in the mirror you are tricking yourself to feel happy. Your body is programmed to produce feelings appropriate to your behaviour so when you act as if you are happy you will feel happy. Positive emotions lift your vibration and creating them is all in your control.

13. Laugh, watch something funny and laugh even more.
Laughing is straight way to higher vibrations. Whenever you laugh you are releasing psychological burden and worry. With the technology today you can literally choose to watch only things that make you laugh.

14. Sing your favourite song without a care of how you sound.
Releasing your sound without that guarding restrains of your ego is the most freeing thing you can do. Singing your favourite song without one bit of care of how you sound, you are making a statement that you stand for who you truly are and for what you truly love, no matter if the whole world doesn’t like it.

15. Use your creativity to create something.
When you create something that did not exist before by using the power of your creativity, no matter how insignificant for the world, you remind yourself that you are a cause for things to exist. You remind yourself that you are powerful to create, to invent something that does not exist. This inner fulfilment raises your vibrations and inspires to take action in creating the things you love.

16. Listen to relaxing music or the sounds of nature.
Sound can be healing. When you listen to natural sounds, rain, waves in the ocean, singing of birds, the blowing of a wind, you get relaxed. You can even play relaxing music on YouTube. This is a powerful way to boom your vibes over the roof.

17. Meditate in the mornings, watch the sunrise and drink tea in silence.
There is something sacred when you wake up early in the morning to watch the sunrise. The peace and silence, the thought that most of the people you know are still asleep, the beautiful colors of the sun and the energy it gives you all add to a pleasant feeling of inner peace. Make yourself a warm cup of green tea and just enjoy this sacred moment that Nature is offering to us every day.

18. Breathe deeply and ground your energy.
When you focus your attention on your breath it calms your mind. Practicing breathing meditation and breathing deeply refreshes your mind and body. Learn how to ground your energy to create a sense of security and confidence within yourself. Being grounded while practicing a breathing meditation can lift your vibes a lot higher than doing any of those things separately.

19. Write 3 small things that bring you joy and make you happy.
Make a journal where you’ll write 3 things that make you really happy each day. Think of small things, like the smell of a fresh coffee. Write these things in your journal and reread them from time to time. You will realize that we are all surrounded with beautiful things. This sense of abundance will lift your vibes and having a journal of things that make you happy will be your tool for getting into that state whenever you want.

10 Things to Avoid That Lower Your Vibration:
Just like there are things you can do to raise your vibration, there are things we all do that lower our vibrations and we don’t even know it.

Not doing these things at all is not possible, but you can try to avoid these things as much as you can to make sure your vibration stays high most of the time. That’s how you can update your default vibration to be more positive!

10 Things to Avoid That Lower Your Vibration:
Just like there are things you can do to raise your vibration, there are things we all do that lower our vibrations and we don’t even know it.

If you can try to avoid these things as much as you can, to make sure your vibration stays high most of the time. That’s how you can update your default vibration to be more positive!

Try to avoid:

– Negative thoughts

– Junk and processed food

– Toxic people and relationships

– Excess red meat

– Anger and resentment

– White sugar

– Radiation and environmental toxins

– Medication

– Alcohol

– Holding on to the past

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